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Has an insurance company delayed payment, offered insufficient reimbursement, or denied your claim after performing mitigation or mold services? Cardenas, Singer & Associates assists mitigation/mold restoration business owners in disputes cooperate insurance carriers. Our mitigation claims lawyers in Miami represent clients throughout Florida obtain payment by insurance companies.

If you need the counsel of an attorney with mitigation/mold claims experience, call (305) 754-6460 for a free consultation today.

Claim Complications Caused by Water Damage

When a homeowner assigns their benefits to a mitigation/mold company to begin work and take payment from their insurer directly, all the complications the original policyholder could have encountered will be placed upon the shoulders of the restoration company instead. In many cases, the worst frustrations are found within water damage claims. The source of the water damage in particular is a topic insurance companies tend to hotly debate and cite for claim denials. For example, homeowner’s insurance policies generally cover damage caused by hurricanes and storms, but not flood damage, broken pipes, and consequent mold growth.

To help protect your company’s interests when completing mold/mitigation services, you should:

  • Analyze and photograph all the damage to the insured’s property
  • Review the insured’s original property policy for coverage
  • Notify the insurer as soon as you plan to begin work about what needs to be done

Our Mitigation/Mold Claims Attorneys Bridge the Gap

Oftentimes, mitigation/mold companies and insurance companies get into conflicts over misunderstandings of expectations, coverage, and work performed. Cardenas, Singer & Associates can act as your legal representative to assist you get a better idea of what the policy provider is trying to convey through its needlessly-complicated policy language. If you are dealing with a smaller insurance company, not one of the nationwide industry giants, it might be possible they have never managed a claim in which a property owner surrendered their benefits to a restoration company to try to simplify the matter.

No matter the reason your company is being shorted deserved payment for work completed on a policyholder’s damaged property, we will be insistent that you get every last penny. When it can be shown that an insurance company knowingly tried to deny or delay a claim without due cause, it might even be possible to collect additional compensation for you through punitive damages.

For more information and to schedule a consultation for your mitigation claim, please contact our firm at (305) 754-6460.

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